Memory Foam Mattress Manufacturer Fabric Selection -- Mattress Quilted Fabric

2024-02-06 15:52

Selection of mattress fabrics:quilted fabric

Advantages of quilted fabric

Our mattress fabric, crafted from polyester quilted cotton auxiliary materials, is designed with comfort, durability, and environmental responsibility in mind. This fabric boasts a fluffy texture, high compressive resilience, and is lightweight yet warm, ensuring a long lifespan and robust durability. It is engineered to withstand both dry and wet washings without sacrificing its quality or performance.

Furthermore, the polyester quilted cotton is resistant to deformation, doesn't allow for fiber leakage, and maintains its integrity even after water washes, avoiding the common issue of clumping. The fabric's surface is treated to create an effective film, preventing any cotton fibers from escaping through the material.

In line with our commitment to safety and environmental stewardship, our mattress fabrics undergo rigorous testing and certifications, including CA117 fire retardant tests, BS5852, and ROHS environmental tests. These certifications reflect our dedication to providing products that are not only comfortable and durable but also meet strict environmental and safety standards.

We are a leading manufacturer of memory foam mattresses, mattress foam, and mattress fabrics, offering OEM/ODM services. Welcome to consult us for factory direct pricing!

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