2-Inch breathable cooling gel memory foam topper

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●Gel thermostatic memory foam: natural regulation of mattress heat, providing a sense of coolness;
●Perforated breathable design, refusing stuffiness;
●3030# sponge, good support performance, evenly support the pressure of different parts.

Twin、Twin XL、 Full、Queen、King、California King

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Cooling gel memory foam topper

Gel memory foam

mattress Topper

RV topper

Product Description

Gel memory foam mattress topper transforms your sleeping experience by adding a layer of cooling comfort and support to your existing mattress. Ideal for those seeking relief from heat and discomfort during the night, this topper integrates gel beads with memory foam to dissipate heat and maintain an optimal sleeping temperature.

②Experience unparalleled comfort with our gel memory foam mattress topper, designed to contour precisely to your body. This topper alleviates pressure points by evenly distributing weight, reducing tossing and turning for a deeper, more restful sleep.

③Upgrade your bed with a gel memory foam mattress topper, and enjoy the benefits of enhanced durability and longevity. The gel-infused material not only provides superior comfort but also prevents sagging and wear over time, ensuring your sleep surface remains supportive and comfortable for years to come.

④Enhance your sleep environment with a gel memory foam mattress topper, the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality without investing in a new mattress. Its motion isolation properties make it ideal for couples, minimizing disturbances from partner movements for uninterrupted sleep.

⑤Investing in a gel memory foam mattress topper is an easy and effective way to upgrade your sleep experience. Enjoy the cooling, pressure-relieving benefits of gel-infused memory foam and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every morning."

Gel memory foam

mattress Topper

RV topper

MX Dream manufactures wide size ranges of toppers, both soft and firm types. OEM/ODM custom toppers are available for full size demands. It can be used for both hotel or home furniture. Whatever home office, bedroom, babies or kids, hotels or apartments, you can find desired fabrics covers with foam support as your best fit toppers at MX Dream.


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