Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow AM06

  • China

Specification: 60*40*11 CM
Fabric: 100% polyester fiber
Filling: memory foam

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Baboo Memory Foam Pillow is an improved adaptation of the conventional memory foam pillows that not only give you the perfect body support but help you to sleep peacefully. Baboo Memory Foam Pillow has been specially designed to improve the quality of sleep. The moisture wicking and temperature regulation properties assure better body support and thus help in getting rid of neck aches, back aches, headaches, and muscular soreness.

Product Description:

1. Traditional pillow type combined with memory foam good ductility, support the head, to prevent the pillow, horizontal structure, uniform force, dispersion pressure

2. Sleeping on your back and side are comfortable, enjoy the natural fit of the shoulder and neck

3. Slow rebound refuses to sleep noise, soft Q elastic, all-round support, free flip, fast response to changes in sleeping position

4. Classic 45 ° ergonomic design, front and rear angle 15 ° so that the cervical spine burden is effectively relieved

5. Sitting on the bed to play cell phones or reading for a long time neck will be uncomfortable, can be used as a pillow, three-dimensional full

6. non-temperature memory foam four seasons soft as one, 50D slow rebound support neck. 3 ~ 5 seconds slow rebound, molecular gap is small and full, with excellent pressure release and support. In the pressure impact, memory foam molecules can unload each other, evenly dispersed pressure. When the pressure is released, the memory foam can slowly return to its original state, providing the right support

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