Zero Gravity & Breathable & Comfortable Memory Foam Mattress

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Classification: Memory Foam Mattress

Face frabic:High Quality Knitted Fabric
Interior structure:
1. Top layer/Comfort layer:5cm 45# Zero gravity memory foam
2. Middle layer:7.5cm 30# Air foam
3. Bottom layer/Support layer:5cm 2530# Support foam
5cm 2560# Support foam

Mattress size: Twin、Twin XL、 Full、Queen、King、California King

●The first layer of high-quality slow-rebound memory foam;
●The bottom double support foam solid not collapse;
●Sweat absorption and temperature control fabric.

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Professional in foam mattress/pillow making

Zero Gravity Mattress

Knit fabric

roll up mattress

zero gravity mattress

Knit fabric

roll up mattress

Discover the convenience of the "Roll Up Memory Foam Mattress", your ideal solution for comfort on the go. Custom-made by a leading foam mattress supplier, this mattress combines the luxury of memory foam with the practicality of a portable design. Perfect for travelers, small spaces, or unexpected guests, it's easy to carry and sets up in seconds. Experience the Zero Gravity mattress feature for weightless support and a restful sleep. Compact, comfortable, and tailored to your needs, this mattress is where convenience meets quality sleep.


Weightless Sleep Experience: 

Designed to mimic the feeling of zero gravity, this mattress evenly distributes your weight, reducing pressure points for a floating sensation.

Body-Conforming Memory Foam: 

High-quality memory foam contours to your body, offering personalized support and unparalleled comfort.

Temperature Control: 

Stay cool or warm with advanced temperature-regulating technology, ensuring optimal sleep conditions year-round.

Health and Wellness: 

Promotes spinal alignment and circulation, ideal for relieving back pain and joint discomfort.

Durable and Hypoallergenic: 

Long-lasting, with a hypoallergenic cover resistant to dust mites, offering a clean, low-maintenance sleep environment.

zero gravity mattress

How to Roll Up A Mattress?

MX Dream offers a diverse range of mattress in various sizes, catering to both soft and firm preferences. We specialize in custom-made, OEM/ODM mattressess suitable for all standard sizes. Our mattress perfect for use in both residential homes and hotel settings. Whether it's for a home office, bedroom, children's rooms, or for hospitality settings like hotels and apartments. MX Dream provides the ideal combination of fabric covers and foam support, ensuring the perfect mattress for every need.



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